Spring has to be my favourite time of year to ski. It’s funny really, because growing up in Calgary I always thought of it as the the¬†indecisive,¬†slushy ugly duckling of the seasons. There will be annoying ruts in your street. The sun will come out for just long enough to melt things, and because it did, tomorrow it will all freeze in formations that would leave Dr. Seuss shaking his head. You… Read More

One of the greatest things I get to do as an athlete is travel. Even my meagre career has taken me places I never would have otherwise gone and provided me with some pretty crazy experiences. I’m sitting on my couch now still recovering from a trip that definitely ticked both those boxes. No, I didn’t travel for weeks to reach some exotic country ending in stan or explore anything even resembling… Read More

Check out this quick edit of a ripping lap through some of my favourite trees.

I missed the opening bonus weekend at my home mountain. Hardly impressive, I know, but in my¬†defence¬†I was skiing. It just happened to be at Nakiska for Canada’s National Ski Cross Championships. Because I missed it, when true¬†opening¬†day rolled around this past Saturday and the hill had been closed since the weekend prior, I realized I was going to have to make up for lost time.

So, here goes. This is my first ever blog post (except for the one I wrote and deleted by accident just now) so bear with me. Skiing is kind of my thing, and I like to write so hopefully I can bring those two things together here. We`ll see. Look out for some content here soon now that winter has hit and the lifts are spinning. Hope you enjoy whatever I manage… Read More