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Monthly Archives: November 2021

A few people have asked me about my method for chasing weather windows in the mountains. I guess they figured that they’d receive a quick answer, but each time I ended up replying with either a novel or a TED talk. Depending on whether they’d been foolish enough to ask in person. Since it’s on my mind, I thought maybe I’d better just write something down. Forecasting complex weather systems in the… Read More

A season of uncertainty in 2020/21 turned into a truly excellent winter and spring for adventure skiing close to home. I’ve already gone over the majority of these days in other detailed posts. But, before I move it external hard drive purgatory and forget about it forever, I’ve tossed together a bunch of video I shot season edit style. Featuring Kieran Crimeen, Joel Desgreniers, Chris Moneypenny, Kylee Toth, Ryan Ford and Christian… Read More