A few people have asked me about my method for chasing weather windows in the mountains. I guess they figured that they’d receive a quick answer, but each time I ended up replying with either a novel or a TED talk. Depending on whether they’d been foolish enough to ask in person. Since it’s on my mind, I thought maybe I’d better just write something down. Forecasting complex weather systems in the… Read More

A season of uncertainty in 2020/21 turned into a truly excellent winter and spring for adventure skiing close to home. I’ve already gone over the majority of these days in other detailed posts. But, before I move it external hard drive purgatory and forget about it forever, I’ve tossed together a bunch of video I shot season edit style. Featuring Kieran Crimeen, Joel Desgreniers, Chris Moneypenny, Kylee Toth, Ryan Ford and Christian… Read More

Dedicated to Trevor Sexsmith. Friend, mentor and Rockies steep skiing pioneer who passed away while skiing on the Sickle in September 2016. I’m a big fan of skyline traverses. You know: routes that connect the terrain you see silhouetted against the sky when you’re standing in the valley. I also like classic steep skiing lines, so it only makes sense to combine the two when it’s possible. Standing on the shore of… Read More

If you want to talk about roadside steep skiing in the Rockies, you won’t get far without mentioning Bow Peak. The classic Grand Daddy, stiffer Funnel of Death and techy Gutentight couloirs are all well known, but there’s more still. Down Dog sits off to the right of FOD, and between Grand Daddy and Gutentight, there’s another open book corner/couloir feature called The Godfather. I believe it’s yet another Wexler/Unterasinger first descent,… Read More

Last week I bailed on an objective close to home because the approach was too heinously melted out. Then, the other day, Kieran and I pulled the plug just above the bergschrund on the north face of Mt. Andromeda because the snowpack was far too wintery and unstable. Can’t win, apparently. So yesterday, Chris and I thought that maybe west was the goldilocks aspect and set off from Lake Louise towards Mt…. Read More

There aren’t that many aesthetic lines left in the Bow Valley highway corridor that don’t have a ski story attached to them. But as far as we could tell, Mount Bell’s east face was one. Every skier who drives the Trans Canada has probably seen it, glowing in the morning light as it suddenly appears through the trees just west of Castle Junction. It looks big, exposed and kind of technical, with… Read More

It’s a funny feeling when a line you’ve stared at for years suddenly pops into shape. Ideas are easy but the execution can be much harder, and it’s always a mix of excitement and a sort of workmanlike restlessness as the full scope of the project finally comes into view. All those little details to iron out. At least, that’s the way it feels if it’s interesting enough. And, tucked away on… Read More

Today I’m unpacking my pack onto the floor so I can show you what’s in there. People always seem to be curious about what gear I’m using and why, and I know I’ve gotten a lot out of reading other peoples’ gear lists. Plus it’s a great way to plug Ski Uphill, who in addition to being my friends and ski partners, have supported me since they opened. I’ll link to products… Read More

I consider myself lucky to have had very few close calls in the mountains. At least, that I’m aware of. But this story starts with one of them. In late November of 2017, I’d finally made plans to ski with Kieran for, if not the first time, the first time without it being some kind of group event. We’d been orbiting around each other for a while, and I was stoked to… Read More

Not many peaks in the Rockies can boast two classic couloirs – but Mt. Burgess sure can. On new years day, Joel, Chis and I skied the iconic and technical north couloir. Later that same month, we came back for the much more moderate south (having swapped Chris for Kieran due to work requirements). My buddy Luke Seed has the only other mention of this line that I can find on his… Read More