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Monthly Archives: March 2021

It’s a funny feeling when a line you’ve stared at for years suddenly pops into shape. Ideas are easy but the execution can be much harder, and it’s always a mix of excitement and a sort of workmanlike restlessness as the full scope of the project finally comes into view. All those little details to iron out. At least, that’s the way it feels if it’s interesting enough. And, tucked away on… Read More

Today I’m unpacking my pack onto the floor so I can show you what’s in there. People always seem to be curious about what gear I’m using and why, and I know I’ve gotten a lot out of reading other peoples’ gear lists. Plus it’s a great way to plug Ski Uphill, who in addition to being my friends and ski partners, have supported me since they opened. I’ll link to products… Read More

I consider myself lucky to have had very few close calls in the mountains. At least, that I’m aware of. But this story starts with one of them. In late November of 2017, I’d finally made plans to ski with Kieran for, if not the first time, the first time without it being some kind of group event. We’d been orbiting around each other for a while, and I was stoked to… Read More