India Sherret photo

My heart beats for the wild places that make me feel small.

Family ski trips forged my love for the sport; skiing bell to bell between cramped motel room nights with my two sisters and our parents. I can’t thank them enough.

Eventually, I overcame a distinct lack of talent and athleticism to become a member of the Alberta Ski Cross Team, and a regular at western Canadian freeskiing competitions.

I proved particularly adept at finishing in 4th place.

Now I’m focused on accessing steep and/or remote ski lines by human power. The Canadian Rockies, Purcells and Selkirks are my home ranges, and my proudest achievements are split between them.

This humble site has been evolving with me since 2012. I’m stoked and grateful that you decided to stop by. I have big dreams in ranges both close to home and further afield, and I hope that you’ll stick around to read along as they either come to fruition or fail hilariously.

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