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Monthly Archives: May 2022

Six or seven years ago, Trevor mentioned that someone should really go see if it was possible to ski the west face of Glacier Peak, high above lake Oesa, right from its 3283m summit. I’ve had it in the back of my mind ever since. So, when May long weekend delivered a cold, sunny weather window I decided it might be a good way to get off the beaten path a little…. Read More

After getting a decent warmup on the north face of Peyto Peak the week prior, it felt like spring might be on. Christian and I decided we’d better go find out. Since the highway between Golden and Lake Louise is closed during prime ski mountaineering season this year (and last year, and next year; ugh) we agreed on Hwy 93 south as a meeting spot. Christian is Canmore based for now so… Read More

I have to admit, this line started out much bigger in my imagination. Probably because in his interview on Biglines after skiing the north face of Mt. Bryce, Chris Brazeau mentioned it in a list of big lines he’d recently skied, along with Mt. Stephen, The Silverhorn, and the north face of North Vic. (That article is sadly now gone, but you can still find it using the Wayback Machine or by… Read More