Clam Chowder

Summer mode is beginning to catch up with me. After some seriously rough skiing on Mt. Stanley, I spent some warm days trail running, riding my bike and sport climbing. Type one fun. So, lacking the motivation for anything too adventurous, I teamed up with Ryan to ski something up Holt Creek; only half an hour from home. Soon enough we were walking up the partially snowed in logging road, which gave us our first look at the day’s primary objective – a north facing couloir. It was visibly terrible, so nope. On to plan B.


If only there was always a piece of brightly painted construction equipment to remind us where we left our shoes.

Plan B was the Clamshell, which is probably Golden’s most recognizable ski line. Visible from almost anywhere around town – including my patio – it’s 1000m of fall line that begs to be skied. Happy to oblige, we headed up the main slide path to a bench below the iconic face. Then up to the east ridge and onto the summit from there, in a total whiteout.


Fog like pea soup. Or should I say… clam chowder…? I’ll see myself out.

We brought plenty of food and a couple of beers, so we settled in to wait out the cloud. The summit was pleasant enough, and we got the odd peek a boo view to keep us optimistic. At least, until it started to snow. That’s when we admitted defeat and just dropped in.


Smooth corn and a consistent pitch made for easy skiing, even though we could barely tell which way was up. A couple of creative low tide moves put as back at our stashed shoes in no time.

Aside from the fun skiing, the big news of a small news kind of day was that I finally got my old GoPro up and running again after a few years of collecting dust. Despite the less than thrilling nature of the outing, I threw together a quick video, as much to see if I remembered how as anything. I’ll look into filming something more interesting in the future.


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